ChrisJ: “We want to stay in Top 3”



We had a quick chat with Chris “ChrisJ” de Jong about mousesports’ performance at EPL Finals in Dallas as well as their map pool and his personal thoughts about some other stuff.

What happened against Liquid? What do you think you guys lacked?

I feel we lacked mostly some routine in playing Mirage right now. We are not really converting the good situations that we create for ourselves, as much as we had before. We are losing a lot of rounds we have the opening kill which didn’t happen before. We kind of realized where the problem is, so we just feel we need to practice more and we are going to be back to our level.

Do you think this is the best mouz lineup ever?

Yes, for sure. It’s for sure the best mouz lineup. I mean I’ve never been this high in the world ranking and we won tournaments together.

What do you think about Dust 2 coming into map pool?

It’s a bit weird because at some point we were like really good on Cobble I felt like. We were winning a lot of matches, and at the end, just before it got removed we were losing everything on Cobble. It didn’t matter if we got close or we got totally destroyed, we never could win. So we were first happy that it was out, but now we are also not playing that good on Dust 2, but I feel like that’s more because we didn’t practice the map enough yet. We just need to play more, I think we have the right players to be good on the map. But it’s just a bit too random now to be good. We beat G2, then we didn’t have any chance against Liquid. I think we are going to be better in the future but it will time.

Who do you think is the best Turkish pro player right now and why?

I would say XANTARES. First of all, insane aim. He is also getting the experience to play in tournaments. I don’t know, just individually skilled. I am not sure obviously how it works in Space Soldiers team but, outside he looks like he is the best.

You have one chance to change something in CS:GO. What would it be?

I would bring back the AWP quick scoping, so it’s always accurate, like in 1.6.

Whats your goals in the next tournaments for you guys?

We want to stay in top 3 in the HLTV ranking. We are hoping to reach the final again. Next tournament is StarSeries, last time we won it, so we are hoping to get close to that performance again.

Interview by: Cem “bodie” Mollaoglu

Photo Credit: Jennika Ojala

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