dupreeh: “Before they removed it, we decided to play Cobblestone”



We caught up with Astralis’ player Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen at ESL Pro League Finals in Dallas before their semifinal match and talked about their recent performance, their map pool, Space Soldiers and BLAST Pro Series Istanbul.

Past couple months, you guys have been playing great. IEM Sydney was also good for you guys until the finals. Something happened that day, you guys probably felt a little bit off. Even though all the maps were close, you guys couldn’t close out the maps. What was wrong in that final?

I think everything just came down to maybe we didn’t feel 100%. Maybe it was like 98%, everyone in the team lacked last 2%, which is an individual skill. When you go up against FaZe Clan which is a really skilled individual team, you can just not show up 100% and you will not win. I am actually kind of proud that we played that well and got really close to winning, despite the majority of the team having an off day, at least in my opinion. So that was good. I really feel that FaZe Clan played really well and they fully deserved that win.

So, most people think that you guys are the best team in the world right now, in terms of performance. All other teams watch your demos and try to get some idea how you guys play. So how hard is it knowing you are being watched every single game and you guys have to come up with new stuff every other tournament?

I think it’s challenging and also fun in some way. Obviously, at some point, you will have to change a lot. Because everyone knows what you do and how you play. But it’s fun and challenging that you kind of always find an update to your game whatever you do. So, I really like that. Obviously the fact that people are watching you and copy some cool stuff and take one of your tactics. Because if it works, they will take it and you are like “hey, we made that tactic”. It’s very nice, obviously, I like being the best team in the world and people see as that too. I do feel we are also the best team in the world right now.

Also, recently Cobblestone was removed from the map pool which is in your favor…

Yes, it’s awesome. Before they removed it, we decided to play Cobblestone because we wanted to play that map against FaZe Clan. They didn’t play it, we could always not ban to play against them. But then they decided to change it, we said “Oh, that’s good. They changed the map we don’t play”. So that was good.

My question is how confident are you guys on Dust 2? I know you guys played it against Mousesports and won 16-3, do you think that was only one game or you feel you’re really confident on it?

I think that Dust 2 is very similar to the old one and we were very good at that. So, in my opinion, we will just continue to keep playing it. We feel really confident on it, obviously, we still have to play a lot, to see how exactly we want to approach it. But we think we are one of the best teams in Dust 2.

You are entry fragging for Astralis. Besides you, who do you think is the best in this role in the world right now?

I would definitely say apEX or rain. I think they do a really good job.

I want to talk a little bit about Blast Pro Series Istanbul. The news was a little bit disappointing. The dates had to change twice which wasn’t the ideal situation. SK, Cloud9 and FaZe Clan won’t be attending due to being at the same time as ESL One New York. What do you think about this event? Would you want it to be in a different date so you could attend to both tournaments?

I would love to attend to ESL One New York. But I also really like to go to the places that I have never been before. I have never been to Turkey before, I heard many good things about it. Our coach also has some family has lived in Turkey so he knows a little bit about Turkey and he says it’s great. I always wanted to go to Istanbul and I’m glad to have an opportunity to play there. I’m looking forward to seeing how BLAST Pro Series does it in Turkey, they invited Space Soldiers so Turkish crowd can cheer for them as well. Because it’s always great to have a team that homes crowd supports.

What do you think Space Soldiers’ problem is? You guys played with them recently.

Their leader MAJ3R seems to be a really strict in-game leader but he seems to do well in the team and they showed really good results online. I think it’s all about the experience now when you play online and you perform, you have to go to LAN tournament and also perform there. If you really haven’t done it before, it creates some pressure on you. I think it’s hard for them in some way. I don’t think they necessarily need to change a player unless they get woxic in the team which is a great AWPer. I think that could be a great asset to the team but I don’t think they need that change to be honest. I think they need to work on their map pool, they were really good on Cobble and its removal is a setback for them. I have seen multiple times they decided to pick Inferno against other teams. From my experience playing against Space Soldiers on Inferno, they are not like the best team on it. I think they should stop working on some of their maps and focus on others because I don’t think Inferno should be one of their main maps.

Interview by: Cem “bodie” Mollaoglu

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