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The Brazilian player Fernando “fer” Alvarenga sat down with us at ESL Pro League Finals in Dallas to talk about their recent performance, IGL change, visa problems, and upcoming tournaments.

My first question is, are you guys happy with your performance here at the ESL Pro League Finals?

Actually, we are not that happy but I think we are improving. We are trying to fix our mistakes. English communication, we are trying to get better and better. It’s something that we are struggling a little bit. But, I think in long term, we are going to fix it. So, I’m not that happy with the results, but I’m happy with the progress.

After Stewie joined, except for 2 games, all of the matches you guys lost were really close. 16-11, 16-12, 16-13… From outside, it seems like the problem is not being able to close out games. What do you think the reason is for this problem, is it the communication like you mentioned before?

I think we have English communication problem, not that big, but something we are struggling. About closing out games, we are changing our style. Nowadays coldzera is in-game leading and sometimes FalleN. They have different styles. When they start to mix the calls, it’s something we have to adapt. Closing out games is more about the economy, sometimes we don’t have the economy. When we don’t have the economy, we realized we are struggling as a team. Nowadays, we are fixing this, trying to get new ideas for the rounds we don’t have much economy. In next tournaments, we are going to do better.

What’s the difference between coldzera and FalleN, in terms of IGLing? They have been playing together for a long time, are they kind of similar?

They are similar but coldzera likes more structure in the team. Strats that coldzera calls, he likes to get map control first, and then says “guys, we have this part of the map, we can do this or we can do that”. When FalleN is in-game leading, he likes the freedom. He can be like “Ok guys, we’re going to do our default” and in our default, we can do whatever we want. In A main on Cache and I would like to push and try to kill someone, it’s fine. Can I hold from T spawn, fine. So I have the freedom. I think this the main difference. Cold is more strict and FalleN is more freedom.

Visa problems with other teams recently… We had a lot of teams who couldn’t make tournaments because of visa problems, Space Soldiers, NaVi etc. Space Soldiers also came here with a stand-in. FACEIT came up with the idea to host all of the minors in one city for the next major.  Do you think that it’s a good idea?

With a lot of tournaments in the United States, I think it’s really important because the United States is really big. Visa problems really suck… I think (visa problems are) unfair. For example, Space Soldiers and us, we both work hard, the same work, we have the same job, so we should have the same opportunities. We had to move out from Brazil because we don’t have the opportunities to play outside of the country. I think that (FACEIT’s) idea is really good. For me, of course, I would like to travel the world and play for different crowds, different stadiums but at the same time, I want to play against the best teams. In my idea, everyone should have the same opportunities.

Everybody was comparing Space Soldiers to you guys’ early days when you were KaBuM…

At the beginning of KaBuM, when I applied for (US) visa, the first time, I got denied to play Aspen. I was so sad. But (back then) I’ve never been outside of my country so it wasn’t something impactful for me. But now that the scene is really big and everyone wants to be a pro, and they get denied, it’s something really frustrating.

You guys now have a lot of tournaments coming up, really busy schedule. You guys going to Europe for a couple of tournaments. Did you guys set any goals for these tournaments? 

We don’t like to set a goal. As we have a new team now, we just focus on the progress. We say “Hey guys, if we lose this tournament it’s fine. We just have to improve, work hard, get better and fix our mistakes.” Because with this lineup, we have 5 really good players, as the past, we beat everyone and were top 1 in the world, so we can do it again. So, we just focus on the progress.

Interview by: Cem “bodie” Mollaoglu

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