gla1ve: “This is definitely the best Astralis we have ever seen”



We had a chat with Lukas “gla1ve” Rossander right after their victory at ESL Pro League Finals in Dallas. He talked us about the final against Liquid and what he thinks about Astralis’ current form. gla1ve played with 1.21 rating in the final and had a huge impact in the victory.

First of all, how do you feel?

I feel really good. We knew we were favorites when we went into the tournament but to get here and lift the trophy today was just an amazing feeling. Because we have been working so hard, and of course, you have doubts if you can make it or if you can’t make it, so, it’s just an amazing feeling.

How was the veto process? Did you guys expect Liquid to pick Dust 2 as their first pick?

No, actually I think we expected them to pick Mirage as their first pick. But we prepared well on Dust 2 because they played it twice this tournament. So we knew how they played and they didn’t have that big of a strat book. We were really prepared and we just hit some amazing shots. That’s why we won so big.

Was there anything that Liquid did and you guys didn’t expect at all? I’m sure you guys talked about what they’re going to do against you guys, was there anything they did that surprised you?

We didn’t expect that they were so good on Nuke because they played really well. We were really stressed because they played so well. That’s what you can do on Nuke when you are the Terrorist side. You can make the CTs rotate a lot and stress out. They did that with us. It was surprising for us.

Did you guys prepare their Nuke games?

We played Nuke against them once in the tournament. I think that they played good then, but they played even better this time. I actually think they played a really good final. It was a tough game.

I know you guys were great as a team in the final, everybody did their role. But who do you think was on point the most today in the team? 

It depends. device played really good, I think I played really good as well. It’s tough to say. I think actually everybody played really good but I won’t say there was a standout, really good player.

Is this the best Astralis we have ever seen?

This is definitely the best Astralis we have ever seen. There is no doubt about it. We have a really good map pool. We have a lot of firepower. Good team play, good team spirit.

Interview by: Cem “bodie” Mollaoğlu

Photo Credit: Jennika Ojala

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