MAJ3R: “Cobble’s removal is a big problem for us”



We had a chance to talk wıth Engin “MAJ3R” Küpeli at the ESL Pro League Finals. MAJ3R was born and raised in France and he became a part of Space Soldiers roster at the end of 2016. We talked about their recent form, map pool, visa issues and another Turkish team Royal Bandits. We thank MAJ3R for making some time to talk to us.

What do you think Space Soldiers’ problem was at this tournament or past month really?

We had an unlucky day at DreamHack Marseille. We played two important games in one day and if we lose them, we were going to go back home. Unfortunately, we had an off day. Here at EPL Finals, we didn’t have Calyx. We brought DESPE in the last second but didn’t have time to practice. We tried our best, now we look forward.

In your HLTV interview, you said that you decided not to use DESPE as an AWPer and keep him in Calyx’s spots. Do you think this was a good decision or do you regret it?

I can’t say it was a good decision or a bad one. At the end of the day, I had to come with a decision. We didn’t have too much time. I decided for the team. If I gave DESPE the AWP, we would change our team play. In terms of positioning, paz normally plays AWP. I could put paz to another spot and give DESPE the AWP. But I think we got used to the system and I didn’t want to change that. I decided for the team. We also talked with DESPE if he was ok with it. We did everything we could in a short time. That’s what happened.

Now, Dust 2 is in the map pool. One of your best maps Cobblestone was removed. What do you think you guys have to do to improve your map pool now? Do you think Dust 2 could replace Cobblestone in your map pool?

Cobblestone’s removal is a big problem for us. There are no problems in BO1 matchups, but there are problems in BO3s. Before its removal, I could pick Cache if they ban Cobble or vice versa. Like you said, we have to make our Dust 2 as strong as our Cobble. After Marseille, we didn’t have much time to practice. Otherwise, we could have played it here in Dallas. Now we have other tournaments coming up. We will work on that to improve our map pool.

So, how did the visa issues affect you guys? Not getting visas on time for IEM Sydney, and then Calyx for EPL Finals…

First of all, it’s really hard to play in Turkey. Being Turkish and an esports player don’t really match. They don’t work well with each other, we experience problems. Visa problems are really bad for players. woxic from HellRaisers also had some visa problems and couldn’t make it here. It’s sad for his team, also for him. It’s also hard to solve these issues. Esports in Turkey is underdeveloped. Nothing we can do about, we have to accept it and keep going. But it’s really sad overall.

There is a new federation now, Turkish Esports Federation. Do you think they could help with visas?

It’s early to say. It’s actually a good thing. But the problem in Turkey is really deep. Visa problems are not just for players but for everyone. I’m lucky in this matter because I’m French. I get US and Australis visas on the internet in literally 10 seconds. On the other hand, other (Turkish) players go to the embassy with textbook-thick documents and get denied.

Royal Bandits made it to ESEA MDL. They are where you guys were a year ago. What do you think they should do to be where you guys are?

First of all, I would like to congratulate them. It’s good to see another Turkish team besides Space Soldiers. They need experience. They can succeed with experience. They have to stick together, one of them can’t carry them, they have to be as a team. They will need to work hard, strive a lot. I hope they can make it.

Interview by:  Cem “bodie” Mollaoğlu


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