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We sat down with Engin “ngiN” Kor at the semi-finals day at ESL Pro League Finals in Dallas. The German/Turkish player was born and raised in Germany and joined to Space Soldiers 2 years ago. We talked about Space Soldiers’ recent performance, being a support player, Dust 2 and Nuke changes and his thoughts about the best support player in the world.

There is not much information about your career prior to Space Soldiers. Which teams did you play for, and what was the story about joining to Space Soldiers?

Back then I played for a few small German teams. After that, Space Soldiers saw me, they knew I was Turkish. TuGuX saw me. I played with him a few games, matchmaking, something like that. After that, he asked me if I wanted to play with them an official game. I said, “Ok, why not.”. I don’t remember if it was a final game but it was an online game and we won. Then they asked me if I wanted to join them. That’s what happened.

You are a support player. In CS, support players get a lot of criticism by people who don’t know the game a lot. I see you get a lot of criticism on social media. As a support player, did you get used to this?

I don’t care about the things they write. They don’t know the games as much as we do. But does that affect me? It used to in the beginning. Things like: “You can’t do this, you don’t know that etc.”. Then I said “Ok, I have to do this role. This team needs a support player. If there is any need for something else, I will do that as well”. I used to play AWP, I used to play support as well, I’m doing what’s necessary.

What do you think about your team’s recent performance? If you think there is a problem, how are you going to solve that?

Our recent performance is not like it used to be. But we are trying to do better. We are trying to get into a better place with the experience we get from these tournaments.

Do you like Dust 2?

Yes! We used to play Dust 2 before, we were good. After that it got removed from the map pool, now it’s back. Yes, I like Dust 2.

Nuke got an update. What do you think, is it good or bad?

It’s good because we are not that good on Nuke. We will look into the update, we didn’t have a chance yet.

My last question is, who do you think is the best support player in the world right now?

I used to say TACO every time but I don’t really know at the moment.

The roles keep changing in the teams nowadays and sometimes there is not a pure support player…

Yes, totally. If I say Xyp9x, he also sometimes does different roles, not a support all the times.

Interview by: Cem “bodie” Mollaoğlu

Photo Credit: Adela Sznajder


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