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We caught up with Tarik “tarik” Celik at the ESL Pro League Finals in Dallas and talked a little about Cloud9’s recent performance, picking up FNS, Space Soldiers and BLAST Pro Series Istanbul…

Talk to me about your performance here. What do you guys think was the problem compared to past tournaments?

I think coming into this event we had very limited practice. FNS is still somewhat new to the team, and he is our new leader which means that there is going to be this transition phase that takes a lot of time for us moving forward. However, it’s important for us to get these results at these events and do well. So, there should be no excuses. Moving forward, I hope that in the future events we’ll start to play much better.

You guys won the major and you were the IGL. After a few months, Stewie decided to leave the team. No problem, you guys are still 4 great players. Why did you guys decide to pick up an IGL instead of replacing Stewie with a similar kind of player and keep the system that worked before?

I think that the decision was mainly on me whether if I wanted to continue leading or if I thought that getting a different leader would be better for the team. That was the route I wanted to take because I was starting to get overwhelmed with leading and I felt sometimes that it was getting stagnant to the point where I didn’t always know what to do. Honestly it just became to much for me which is why we decided, you know, let’s look for a leader. That’s why we wanted to take that route. It’s hard for a leader to come onto a new team, so, it will take time. But, I think we’ll get there.

You’ve been following Space Soldiers for a while. What do you think about their performance? As a person whose been on top level for a while, what do you think they should do to be on top level?

I think it’s awesome to see Space Soldiers at these events. They are starting to come to big events more often now which very good, especially for the Turkish scene. But, more importantly, I want to see them do better. I think that’s the most important part. It would be amazing to see top contending team come out of Turkey. That’s what I want them to push for. What they have to do is work hard. I know they do work hard, but they have to work even harder and give it their all. Because they can’t do it, it just comes down to doing it. I believe in them.

A lot of people want to hear about this, will your Turkish fans ever see you playing for a Turkish team?

Down the road, I think anything is possible. I don’t want to say it’s out of the question. Me honestly, I would rather play for a Turkish team. It just doesn’t make sense for me necessarily right now. But, in the future, I’m not saying it’s out of the question.

Have you been to Turkey? Do you go there often?

I’ve been to Turkey a lot of times, probably 5-6 times. All my family is in Turkey apart my dad, my mom and my sister. I haven’t gone in a few years because I haven’t really had the time. But, that’s why I’m looking forward to Blast Pro Series Istanbul because that gives me a chance to visit Turkey also reach out to all the fans.

Do you have anything to say to your Turkish fans? Are you going to stream in Turkish for them again?

Definitely look out for me to do Turkish stream soon. Hopefully I can do in partnership with Space Soldiers and maybe play with some of their players and we play together, do something like that. Apart from that, I hope to see you all at Blast Pro Series. Make sure you tune into the event, and thank you for all your support.

Interview by: Cem “bodie” Mollaoğlu

Photo Credit: Adela Sznajder

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