XANTARES: “We Lost Hope In TWC 2016 Prize Money”



We sat down with İsmailcan “XANTARES” Dörtkardeş at semi-finals day at ESL Pro League Finals in Dallas. We talked about Space Soldiers’ recent form, their map pool, the tournaments coming up, and either he’s going to stream on Twitch or not. Thank you to XANTARES one again, to accept our interview request.

Two years ago, you guys were a team that attends tournaments with $5000 or $10000 prize pool. But right now, you guys are in the same tournaments as the best teams in the world. ESL One Cologne, DreamHack Masters Marseille and now ESL Pro League Finals, the number is going up. It must be hard to predict this from the beginning as an esports athlete who grew up in Turkey. Did you dream to be here?

I started this job with a lot of self-confidence. I had an occupation and I was working. I left everything behind. I risked everything but now I am happy. I can say I gambled and I won. As of now, everything is going well, no issues.

2 BO1 games at DreamHack Marseille, unlucky format, if you don’t show up, no chance to progress. What do you think was the problem that day?

Once you start going to this kind of big events, you lose naturally. It’s really hard to fight with that kind of stress because you are a rookie, you are just starting out, you have no idea what’s right or wrong. But we don’t get upset when we lose because we know what can happen. We say “this might happen” in the beginning. We think that all the good teams had this issues when they first started, Astralis, SK… After a certain time, they progressed.

What do you think you can improve on as a team? What areas can Space Soldiers improve so that you guys can go up to next level?

Right now our map picks are a little troublesome. We used to either play Cobblestone or Cache, 100%. Since Cobble was removed, we need to improve one of our other maps so that we can be able to pick that one against any good team. When we go back to Turkey we have to work on that and increase our map pool. Map pool and communication are our problems right now. When we come here, there is so much stress in the team that we can’t eliminate, that makes us lose. But after a certain time, we will improve on that and everything will be fine.

Dust 2 is on the map pool now. I know you guys were playing that map two years ago, total aim map. Do you think Dust 2 can replace your Cobblestone pick?

If we work on that it’s possible but the thing is Dust 2 is like a public map. Rounds can end in a few seconds. Someone can jump on the dark from T spawn and can have a super fast advantageous position. I watched Liquid vs. mousesports game yesterday on Dust 2. Rounds ended so fast, that also damages spectating experience, really bad. But I think Cobblestone will be returning to map pool maybe in like 6-7 months. Most of the maps leave the map pool and come back after some time.

You tweeted something a couple months back. TWC 2016 which E-frag organized and Azubu sponsored…

We won that event, after two years the prize pool isn’t paid out. They said they went down but Efrag is still in business and doing some streaming stuff on Twitch from their studios. If we sue them then they will shut down and won’t be able to stream. I don’t know what’s going to happen but we lost our hope in that.

Are you guys going back to Turkey or stay here for DreamHack Austin?

We will go back to Turkey and come back again.

So, first DreamHack Austin, and then ESL One Belo Horizonte. Did you guys set any goal for these tournaments?

Buğra (Calyx) will come back and we will play with him. We will try our best.

My last question, your fans probably ask this question 100 times every day. When are you going to stream on Twitch?

I will move in by myself soon and I will start streaming then. Because I think it’s good to stream. When I stream I play more CS, when I play more I perform better at tournaments, so it’s a good thing for me.

Interview by: Cem “bodie” Mollaoğlu

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